Building First Links to Your Website

Don’t worry this is a common thought among all of us doing SEO.

There is one simple way to start building backlinks.

First and foremost you to need to get your brand on Web 2. By web 2s I mean Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. The more the better.

Secondly, get some people to like your page or buy likes. I don’t know about other platforms but for Facebook you can buy likes through page promotion.

Its easy to set up. Just allow your pages promotion and Facebook will determine the right audience for your network.

Once, you have gained a significant number of customers on various web 2s. Its time to share your content.

Ah! I forgot that you need consumables content on your site to share it first. Consumables contents are those that can easily attract readers and the readers consumes the information within it. In other words you need information posts. These informational posts need to be in bullet points and easily readable.

Once, you start sharing those contents readers will share, like, pin, +1 your content. This goes on like a ripple effect. This is when Google starts to notice your site and learns that it is a genuine site getting the attraction of people.

And there is your first links to your money site.