How to Break Into First Page of Google?

If you are site is sitting on second page of Google for more than a couple of months then you fall into the category of most SEO’s today. This situation is typical in today’s SEO world.

In this post we will teach you how to break into first page of Google.

First of all lets’ look into the reason as to why your site is held back into the second page.

Google loves brand. And if your site is not a brand then Google won’t count your site as authoritative.

Yes, most of us are in the belief of just buying a partial domain match and ranking it on 1st page. This no longer will be a viable strategy.

We spoke to Richie Richardson of Omaha SEO Expert Service who guided us on practical tips to break into first page.

  1. Get local/global citations. Citations is what Google uses to find brands. If you are a business it is common to have registered with local directories.
  2. Get enough social presence. Again real business are shared and spoken on the social networks. You can easily increase you social presence by running a promotion on Facebook. For instance get some 1k or 2k likes and start sharing practical tips contents which people would love to share. Occasionally, you can also post videos and pictures which further increases shares and likes.
  3. Build branded links. This is the new algo update of Google. Its not enough to register a branded domain name. You need to build backlinks to your domain using your branded name as anchor text. Don’t purchase links or build PBNs. They longer work. You need to build links from real and legit sites. This will increase your boost. With just few links you can get ranked #1.
  4. Do not over optimize. Gone are the days when you can rank on a site with just over optimization. Today over optimization is a sin. You need to find balance in your content. Best don’t even optimize. Leave the content to its natural flow of words. The LSI will fall automatically. This way you won’t have to worry about receiving any penalty for over optimization.
  5. Build Web 2.0s. These are the New Private Blog Networks. They won’t get you penalized and you can safely boost your site through them. for example. build a site on blogger and get a backlink (branded of course) and boost the page with tier 2 backlinks. You will be amazed as to how much higher your site can rise.
  6. Do Guest posts. Two years back guest post got a bad rep. This was mainly because everyone was doing guest post and Google gave negative rank to the process. Fortunately, the process is still live and kicking. You can rank easily with guest post. Moreover, the backlinks you get through guest posts are niche relevant which commands authority towards your site.

These were some of the tips that we received. Our in house consultants have much more to add. They have to say that web page speed is of prime importance. The reason a page is not breaking into first page could be the page’s loading speed. How fast does a page load?

For best results, a page should load within 1 second. That should be the maximum time.

Secondly. our consultants say that we need to purchase where we wish to rank. For instance, if you are trying to rank in texas then you need a hosting service from texas. This can be the deciding factor for gaining the top spot.

Finally, comes the CTR. Recently, there is a lot of talk about CTR and how it can increase your site’s ranking. It is said that a site ranking in the top 3 position should get at least a CTR of 32% or greater. This is a sign to Google that the site is being searched for by people and loved by them.

An important factor in CTR is the search for Branded term. If someone searches for your brand term then Google is going to count that as a positive signal. As Richie Richardson said to build branded backlinks. our experts recommend to get the brand in people’s head.

In conclusion the answer is that we should consider our site as a brand to rank on first page.

Building First Links to Your Money Site

You have your money site and you are wondering how to start building links?

Don’t worry this is a common thought among all of us doing SEO.

There is one simple way to start building backlinks.

First and foremost you to need to get your brand on Web 2. By web 2s I mean Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. The more the better.

Secondly, get some people to like your page or buy likes. I don’t know about other platforms but for Facebook you can buy likes through page promotion.

Its easy to set up. Just allow your pages promotion and Facebook will determine the right audience for your network.

Once, you have gained a significant number of customers on various web 2s. Its time to share your content.

Ah! I forgot that you need consumables content on your site to share it first. Consumables contents are those that can easily attract readers and the readers consumes the information within it. In other words you need information posts. These informational posts need to be in bullet points and easily readable.

Once, you start sharing those contents readers will share, like, pin, +1 your content. This goes on like a ripple effect. This is when Google starts to notice your site and learns that it is a genuine site getting the attraction of people.

And there is your first links to your money site.

Why Do You Need SEO for Your Small Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your website ranks highly in organic search engine results. But you are just a small business starting out and do not want to have any extra expense so you can just forego SEO. If this is what you have been thinking then you need to read on. Here are some answers to the concern. Why do you need SEO for small business.’

Creates an appealing website

SEO is based on pleasing search engines but the criteria used to rank the websites on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is set in such a manner that only a website that is appealing and useful to the user gets high ranking. There are many on-page SEO techniques that are geared towards bettering the experience of customers on the website. With a good website that has high quality content, good graphics and mobile support you are likely to keep customers on the site enough to peak their interest and convince them why you are the best. A professional website will help you reach more clients.

Expand customer base

As a small business you may be struggling with having too few clients. If this is you then you should consider having SEO tactics applied on your website. There are many people who carry out online searches before seeking the services they need or buying the goods they want. These are the people you need to inform about your business. The best way is to use an optimized page that they get to see when they carry out these searches. With SEO you will be able to reach many clients. Just be sure to have better SEO practices than competition and you will be better in business.

High conversion rates

Unlike traditional methods of advertising in newspaper and television commercials which are aimed at a large crowds most of who may not be interested in what you offer; SEO puts you in a great place where you will be marketing to a targeted audience. Only those interested in keywords related to what you offer will find you. This means they are actually looking for what you offer and are more likely to end up being real clients.

SEO is more affordable and is here to stay

Unlike other types of marketing that are expensive with little return on investment, SEO is affordable and gives a much higher return on investment. Once the initial SEO is set up the maintenance is quite cheap and will keep benefiting the business for a long time to come. It is a good long-term investment and will prove that it is worth every cent to spend on it. It will never go away though it will evolve every now and then. All you have to do is adapt to these changes and you will remain at the top for a long time. So long as the internet is around SEO will also be around and will always work.

You are not the only one trying SEO as a marketing strategy. Big corporations have done and succeeded in it so you can be sure that it is a good way to start marketing your business from the start.